Pre Workout Supplements

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I have used each product listed above and can attest that they are all great pre-workout supplements and will effectively get you ready for your next workout. Whether you need it after a long day at work or you need a kick-start for an early morning workout, one of the products above will do the trick. Typically, the regular C4 pre-workout does the job for me but the Cellucor C4 50x pre-workout is there for you if you need an insane boost, and don't get me started on the Mr. Hyde pre-workout! If you are a skeptic when it comes to pre-workouts or any other supplement in general, I completely understand, so was I. It isn't my objective to coerce you into using pre-workouts more frequently, or more specifically, any of the products above. Even to this day, I try to rely on pre-workouts as little as possible to have effective training sessions. However, there are just some days where I come to the gym DEAD and I know that I can depend on any one of them to get me ready to go!