Powerbuilding brings training concepts from both powerlifting and bodybuilding workouts to not only become viciously strong like a powerlifter but to also build muscle for a good bodybuilding physique. Although bodybuilding and powerlifting workouts couldn’t be any more dissimilar, a good powerbuilding program can bring the best of both worlds. Therefore, I am so fond of this type of training, not only do I want to look like I could pull over 500lbs off the ground, I want to be able to do it!

I go by Rob (or my alter ego Eightpac) sports and fitness are my passion. I double majored in exercise science and public health while playing football and wrestling for the University of the Cumberlands 15’ and currently devote most of my time to being the best group fitness instructor that I can be for Orangetheory Fitness. Here on this website you will find workouts, online coaching and different types of apparel that I have created to express my passion for weightlifting and other types of strength training in general. Also, feel free to tune in to my blog for daily workouts and fitness tips!