Powerbuilding Workout: Squat & Deadlift Strength Training Pyramid Workout + Rant

Short blog, check out the video below for more detail! This is a powerbuilding workout that I do every month or so, it's a hybrid of bodybuilding and powerlifting, starting with higher reps and moderate weight to drive hypertrophy. The final sets of each exercise are low reps and heavy weight to develop power and explosiveness. The rant is just what's been on my mind lately. I am a big believer in psychology and I stand by the notion that the way we think influences the way we act; you and your circumstances are an exact reflection of the state of your mind. The problem is that most of us do not realize that, which essentially makes us unconscious, irritable, impulsive, and therefore most of us lack control of our lives.

Workout Description:

225lbs x 10 reps
315lbs x 8 reps
405lbs x 6 reps
500lbs x 1 stankin' rep Goal: 4

225lbs x 8 reps
315lbs x 6 reps
405lbs x 4 reps
500lbs x 2 reps

2 x 10 reps each leg

Cool down: Stretch and foam roller

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