Plyometric Tire Workout to Develop Athleticism

I decided to do something different for this workout. Instead of focusing on resistance training in this workout I channeled my inner athlete with some dynamic plyometric exercises. I used a tire for each movement, but all the exercises can be done without a tire if you don’t have one available. Try a bit of cross-training and incorporate some of these tire-based exercises into your workout, not only will they give your muscles a shock, but they will also give you a new routine to keep from getting caught in a rut!  


I played sports extensively in high school and in college at the University of the Cumberlands where I wrestled and played football for two consistently top rank teams in the NAIA, even getting the opportunity to start the 2013 NAIA National Championship game. So, while powerbuilding workouts (powerlifting and bodybuilding) are my main hobbies as of now, I still have the desire to hang on to the athleticism that I developed over the years. These tire workouts are a great way to develop an awesome physique and increase athletic performance all in one workout.


Workout Description:

60 second rest period between sets


Jump squats (stick it) 3x15

Jump squats (tempo) 3x15


Push-ups 3x15


Broad Jumps 3x5

Lateral Jumps 3x5


Toe touches 2x30ttl

Jump squats to burpee 3x10

Lateral jump to burpee 3x10

Clap push-ups-dumbbell tap

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